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Mock/Practice Interviews

Interviewing effectively is the single most important aspect of the job search. It is your best and oftentimes only chance to demonstrate to an employer that you have the skills and experience necessary to do the job. Becoming comfortable with the interview process is crucial as employers, regardless of their field, constantly seek to hire poised, well spoken, directed individuals.

The Career and Professional Education Center's mock interview is designed to help you prepare for your job interview by sharpening your ability to communicate your skills and experience to the interviewer. The mock interview will help to increase your comfort level by a practical "hands on" approach.

It is conducted in the Career and Professional Education Center by one of the career counselors and usually takes one hour. The interview will be treated as if it is the "real thing." You should come to the interview dressed professionally and with a copy of your resume. The career counselor will ask questions similar to those one might encounter during the course of an actual job interview. The questions will be geared toward your specific major or area of interest. The entire process will be videotaped, played back, and critiqued by the counselor on the spot.

Interviews will be scheduled at mutually convenient times for students and counselors.

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