Bengal Internship Award

Why Donate?

Each year, Buffalo State has over 500 students participate in unpaid or underpaid internships. Imagine a student wanting to gain internship experience but cannot afford to quit their part-time job to take on an unpaid internship. Or imagine a student taking 5 classes, working part-time and they must complete an unpaid internship to graduate. These are real stories of Buffalo State students.

Research shows that students with internships are more successful in developing professional skills sought by employers and earn higher starting salaries. Without internship experience, our students are at a significant disadvantage when applying to opportunities in their chosen fields.

Unpaid/underpaid internships disproportionately affect female students, students of color and first-generation students. The Bengal Internship Award has been established to financially offset some of the financial burden students face when they participate in unpaid or underpaid internships. The award will help cover expenses related to housing, food, transportation, and other incidental costs and expenses.

Buffalo State Faculty/Staff

  • You can also give through payroll deduction. Please contact Claire Collier for more information.

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